Todays HOT free pictures are a continuation from the last 2 posts. I get the questions all the time of the gang bangs I have done, especially when playing with girlfriends Cathy and Oasis! (Check my members area for more of this and other girlfriends, etc) Please check out Cathy and Oasis!

Todays HOT free pictures of Cathy, Oasis and I in one of our many amateur porn shoots we have done together;-) This is a continuation and I can’t wait for you to see more! Check out my members area for more! 

Update from a couple of days ago (oops! I forgot to post this!) Show off: From our PornCouple Show - It’s no secret that Alanna is a showoff - and in this vid, she’s showing off her God-given ass and her well developed deepthroat talent! Sexy Shoot  Check it out here;-)

Todays FREE pictures: As I pick which pictures series I want to post to display just a portion of what kind of fun I have had (so far) in my 12+yrs of shooting (w/my webmaster husband Seth @porncouple,) ..well if you guys could ONLY see how MUCH porn (check it out in the members area) we have accumulated over the years, it’s kind of overwhelming. This set was from a great night in Vegas years ago during one of the AVN/Internext (pro LA films/amateur porn) week. My girls Oasis and Cathy and I met up with a bunch of guys to film this;-) Thanks to our husbands for filming;-) 

Squirt In A Cup

From our PornCouple Show - Now here’s something you don’t see every day - Alanna attempts to squirt in a cup during play time! Does she succeed? Watch to find out! Check out todays update here!

Todays HOT pictures are of Tweety, Taz and I (my hubby had to work more than expected) so he urged me to start playing and take pictures!;-) This was at their camp site...more in my members area! 

Todays FREE pictures: Remember yesterdays posts the Glory hole at Firebirds? This is sweetheart Firebird and I as we just started to play at his home (as my hubby filmed). This wasn’t the only party he threw for us amateur porn stars (his way of giving back;-)) so expect to see more in my members area. I am open-minded to all guys as long as you are nice and cool;-) Click here to see more!

Today FREE pictures are continuation of yesterday when SensualHarmony and I at a BBQ that good friend Canadian stunt dick threw for many amateur porn stars. His way of giving back;-)  He built this gloryhole in his backyard (wow, what did his neighbors see and think? lol) Check out more in the members area.    Check out Harmony too!

Todays FREE pictures: A home-made glory hole made by Firebird (stunt dick friend who threw many BBQs for us amateur webgirls; he wanted to give back;-)). I got started with it and then joined in Sensual Harmony!               Check out more of this in my members area!

Todays FREE pictures are very sweet;-) Out there in the porn world you can do big dicks, black dicks but when it comes down to it I love the average size (no offense big dick guys or big dick lovers who love to see me with big dick hehe). Here, Logan and I are at a party where a bunch of us amateurs attended. His lovely wife Vixen took these (or maybe my hubby did) and we had alot of fun! Just sweet fun just us;-) Thank you Logan! Check out more in my members area and Logans site;-)