Todays FREE pictures #tbt are of me as my Arizona photographer friend takes these super cool pictures of me hehe;-) I love the set because it shows how confused I am with the book and ‘I’d rather masturbate!’;-) lol This is from a few years ago, curvy me;-P More inside;-)

Todays FREE pictures are a random set (some that I havent posted until now) from a trip that my wonderful hubby Seth @porncouple and I took in the west coast including flashing at the Grand Canyon. Even a split second of me sucking off Seth…not easy to do when it was a busy tourist day haha;-P Check out more here! 

Todays FREE pictures are of my awesome girlfriend Cathy n I doing some creampies n cumswapping…let’s see who ends up with the last mouthful;-P Check out the rest cuz i know u want to see more here;-)

Todays HOT pictures are of, well, this is super hot right? The behind the scenes was my girlfriend Julie and I were at this swinger/web girl party and yes we were getting what we could for content for our sites.  Julie n I spotted this guy and wanted to take care of him…little did we know he was really drunk and we were defeated with a drunk dick…and no cum;-( xo See more here!

Todays FREE pictures-after a long day of shooting porn while in Vegas a few years back, that tub was calling my name. As I mentioned that, my sweet husband Seth @porncouple suggested taking a bath n shaving and he’d film. That’s a great idea;-) Just me shaving and being me;-) You wanna see more, don’t you?;-)

Todays FREE pictures #tbt again;-) One of my site members really wanted to take pictures of me (including picking out the outfit/panties) and shot these at me and my hubby Seths home in Michigan. He asked me to pose in certain positions;-) A lot of fun! You wanna see more, don’tcha?;-) Click on me! *oh that tickles hehe*

#TBT with my girlfriend ‘Tweety’ and I at our home (my husband Seth and I, he’s taking this picture). Not sure what’s up with the goofy faces lol but I was playing with her breasts…she has the best breasts and ass. We were playing around after this which I’ll post soon hehe;-P (Note: this was in Michigan so you can tell I need to tan lol. 

Penis Or Plastic: Alanna & MaryJane Do It Right, Part 2

From our Penis Or Plastic Show - having one hot, dirty amateur willing to fuck strangers on camera is damn hot, but having TWO hotties at once is TWICE as hot! Here Alanna and best friend MaryJane take on the winner (and losers!) of a recent show!

 See inside!

Todays FREE pictures are of me and my toy, filmed by our photographer friend Flagan. “just be you and enjoy yourself” ;-) So I relaxed, kicked back and had fun mmmmm with my blue little vibrator mmmmmm. Care to join me? Check more of this in my members area!

Todays hot FREE vids are continuation of my girlfriends red head Julie, long brunette Nikka and our sweet petite girlfriend Vixen as we take turns on the sybian (This was shot a few years ago so the location is unknown but I believe we were in San Francisco) Check out more in my members area!