Todays HOT free pictures are when Carol and Danny Cox and I met. My hubby Seth was filming as Carol and I got to know each other during one of her members shows…mmmmm we had a great time! Theres more to see so get clicking on this link! Please take time to visit Carol and Danny;-)

Todays HOT free pictures were fun to do! lol…My hubby Seth @porncouple and I visited Carol and Danny Cox’s studio in Montreal. I was doing a balloon fetish shoot and having a blast! Visit Carol please! Check out more in my members area! 

Todays FREE pictures are of (one of many!) parties Seth n I through at our home. We invited our swinger friends (LilLexi n Pierce at the top of these pictures) and brunette Kay as we all have fun! See more here!

Todays hot FREE pictures are of the Penis or Plastic show (my MC husband Seth explained all while me and/or my girlfriends would have fun with the male contestants..well see what you are missing from the above plus click here for more of the action! 

Todays HOT free pictures are from years ago when girlfriends Lil Lexi and Mirsadies and my hubby Seth were playing around (me behind camera for once;-)) when the ladies wanted to show how much appreciation for Seth..just the fun we’ve all had, being good friends and just an awesome person Seth is. See the GOOD stuff here;-) (btw, my husband Seth is now 100 lbs lighter)

Todays FREE#tbt from like 10 years ago as my sweetheart husband @porncouple Seth hosted our show Penis or Plastic. Theres LilLexi, BBW Mirsadies and our men, plus male stunt dicks. We all were drinking and having a great time, Check it out here! 

Todays FREE pictures are the continuation of the crazy times we can have when our swinger friends are over. This is LilLexi n her then guy Pierce. Sure was hot watching those two have fun!;-) See more here!

Todays FREE pictures are a continuation from a party/get together my hubby and I had years ago. We invited over some swinger friends and had fuN!;-) Check out more in my members area hehe;-)

Todays FREE pictures of our show in the midwest Penis or Plastic…we had a full room…some of our swinger friends plus the male stunt dicks. Catch more here! I know you are thinking so do it;-)

Todays FREE pictures are of our earlier days doing our show Penis or Plastic. My husband Seth was the host and my girlfriends and I would put the guys/stunt dicks through stages of fun to get to our goods;-) Some made it through, some didn’t.  Theres ALOT more inside! Click here to see;-) Have a great Sunday!