Todays #Titstuesday FREE pictures are of me, various pictures (kind of TBT too;-P I have more for Thursday haha). Enjoy all! Theres TONS more so please click on to join members area! 12+yrs exp!

Todays HOT pictures..Happy Labor day! Check this out as I have fun w/a stunt dick at our home while my hubby films mmmm, more in the members area;-) 

Todays FREE pictures are from a party my hubby Seth n I hosted in the Michigan years ago. These are random pictures of my girlfriends and I (me solo with a couple of the stunt dicks). This is just one party out of MANY over the 12+yrs we have been in the amateur porn business. You will see ALOT more in my members area, guaranteed! Check it out here!

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Trimming The Tree

Just as it sounds - Alanna, dressed in her finest elf costume - trimming the Christmas tree! Happy holidays - no matter what time of year it is!  Check out the rest in my members area!

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Update from a couple of days ago (oops! I forgot to post this!) Show off: From our PornCouple Show - It’s no secret that Alanna is a showoff - and in this vid, she’s showing off her God-given ass and her well developed deepthroat talent! Sexy Shoot  Check it out here;-)

Todays FREE pictures: As I pick which pictures series I want to post to display just a portion of what kind of fun I have had (so far) in my 12+yrs of shooting (w/my webmaster husband Seth @porncouple,) ..well if you guys could ONLY see how MUCH porn (check it out in the members area) we have accumulated over the years, it’s kind of overwhelming. This set was from a great night in Vegas years ago during one of the AVN/Internext (pro LA films/amateur porn) week. My girls Oasis and Cathy and I met up with a bunch of guys to film this;-) Thanks to our husbands for filming;-)