Todays FREE pics of #tbt, hey, don’t judge because it’s a fetish;-) To each their own…I did this in Montreal for Carol Cox. I was asked to do this and thought how fun! Yes it was messy but I love it!;-) Check out Carol please, she’s awesome!      You want to see more of what I do?;-)

Todays update!: 

Big Anal

From our PornCouple Show - Alanna has had her big anal toy (nicknamed ‘Mr. Johnson’) for a lot of years, and in this show she shows off just how much she loves it - and how much she loves big things in her butt! Check it out here!

Todays FREE pictures-the Mandingos doing me while hubby films. This is one of MANY BBC shoots that I have done ;-) I honestly am trying to remember where, when etc;-(  Either way, I had fun and hope you enjoy;-)You want to see what other BBC I have done? Click here!

Todays FREE pictures for this awesome Monday…my girlfriend Julie n I (along with her then hubby/camera man) went for a little walk and came upon this old school bus! How perfect and cool! Let’s check it out..not all the seats were intact etc but we made it work;-) Check out more inside;-)

Todays HOT and different pictures taken by photographer friend John Nemeth of Arizona. Thank you John! These are awesome;-) To see more, click here!

Todays different HOT pictures…ones that I totally forgot I had! These were shot by my photographer friend John Nemeth. He’s wonderfully creative and different! See more inside me;-)

Todays FREE pictures #tbt are of me as my Arizona photographer friend takes these super cool pictures of me hehe;-) I love the set because it shows how confused I am with the book and ‘I’d rather masturbate!’;-) lol This is from a few years ago, curvy me;-P More inside;-)

Todays FREE pictures are a random set (some that I havent posted until now) from a trip that my wonderful hubby Seth @porncouple and I took in the west coast including flashing at the Grand Canyon. Even a split second of me sucking off Seth…not easy to do when it was a busy tourist day haha;-P Check out more here! 

Todays FREE pictures are of my awesome girlfriend Cathy n I doing some creampies n cumswapping…let’s see who ends up with the last mouthful;-P Check out the rest cuz i know u want to see more here;-)

Todays HOT pictures are of, well, this is super hot right? The behind the scenes was my girlfriend Julie and I were at this swinger/web girl party and yes we were getting what we could for content for our sites.  Julie n I spotted this guy and wanted to take care of him…little did we know he was really drunk and we were defeated with a drunk dick…and no cum;-( xo See more here!